• About Cyber Security

    We are the first of a kind recruitment web site, that specializes exclusively on jobs, projects, consulting and expert missions in cyber security industry, worldwide. Our proprietary data base is a unique product of combination of artificial and human intelligence that allows a rare degree of match of professional skills details vs selection criteria, thus avoiding wasted time and interviews, unnecessary costs and frustration, for both candidates and those who seek a precise set of skills for a certain role or a project.

    Candidates can apply for salaried jobs or as a free-lance contractors or consultants.

    Hiring entities can find a suitable intern, permanent or temporary team member, contractor, consultant or expert in cyber security, with unparalleled degree of suitability for a role.

    Our unique operating model can help you save your time, costs and reduce risks of grievances, law suits and related issues, by matching companies’ requirements and candidates skills set to perfection, as our proprietary Data base is probably the most detailed that presently exists on the market in terms of selection of candidates with utmost precision and detail in terms of professional skills in Cyber Security industry. This increases the chances of hiring the most suitable candidates and reduces hiring the the less suitable ones, and consequently, avoids possible grievances, law suits and unnecessary costs, which may result from hiring an unsuitable person for a role.


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